Surprising reasons why people want to have many free followers

News 06:02 February 2024:

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There are reasons why people do all sorts of things on social media to attract a high number of free followers, and some of them are actually surprising. For some, it is all about fame. Actually, almost everyone would love to be a bit popular on Facebook, twitter or in any other social network for that matter. But some people want to be famous so bad that they actually spend tons of cash buying followers. Others have claimed that having multiple followers on instagram makes them feel better about themselves.  And true to the word, psychologists have ascertained the notion. Being popular can actually improve your ego as a human being.

On the other hand, there are people on twitter who just want to have many followers to get approval from their friends. Peer pressure has always been real among young people, and most of them will spend all day and night doing everything possible to ensure that they get as many free followers on twitter as their friends have. Finally, there are the business people. There are people who pay their bills by simply endorsing brands and advertising through their many followers.