Attracting Traffic to your Website with Stories Reviews

News 05:02 February 2024:

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The internet is a global system that runs 24/7. Stories reviews sites attract potential customers and have access to customers’ incidents with your business – stories they would have only heard by word of mouth from family and friends in the past.Given the value of online reviews, you need to take a practical attitude in indulging in reviews from your fans in order to attract your target audience. Now more than ever clients who read and trust reviews are increasing. Research shows that 80 percent of consumers trust stories reviews as much as an individual commendation—which is amazing, bearing in mind most online reviews are posted by strangers. The same study found that only 10 percent of the people did not frequently read reviews for consumer products.What this means is that ignoring them as a prospective advertising opportunity is similar to pushing away 88 percent of your customers, depriving them of information that could probably help them make their buying decisions. Reviews escalate a higher conversion rate. A blend of good and bad reviews shows that you’re prudent, and makes the product seem more genuine.